Carling Fjord Construction was founded in 2016 in Oak Park, California. Since its creation, the company’s goal has been to combine old-world quality craftsmanship with a modern attitude towards design. In just a short time, our young and vibrant task force has contributed to some of the finest, most innovative home and business remodels in Ventura and Los Angeles. Born and raised on the banks of the Carlingford Lough in Ireland
0318_a-o_wd-3to a long line of woodworkers, company owner, Oliver Morgan, followed firmly in his father’s footsteps. His first job was at the age of fifteen, in a sawmill where his older brother was the lead sawyer.  He has been passionate about carpentry ever since. Working diligently, Oliver was able to put himself through private school, and later, university. After completing his BA in Philosophy at the University of Sunderland in England, Oliver took inspiration from the many philosopher-carpenters before him, using woodworking as a medium for his strong work ethic and artistic sensibilities. He lived in San Francisco for nine years, building homes and commercial properties for some of the most successful contractors in the city. From projects as varied as the California Academy of Sciences and the award-winning Ashbury Street Victorian restoration project to penthouse remodels in the Four Seasons, Oliver’s work endures and has been published in several magazines, including Surface and Dwell.